Taile Gamougg 1 Devlog (remake)

That’s too light bruh also the new graphics are kinda eh

wait, arent you a john alt?

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yeah i use that account when im on a school computer, also explains the new “solo” dev team :sweat_smile:

edit: i criticize myself with that account too

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Did i even post the game link here lol? Anyway here’s it again:

the level 1 platforms were adjusted from last time. also

level 6 is finished!

but i’m changing the script so level 6 isn’t the finale anymore and there’s more to come…

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guys i forgot this I’ll add it later sorry

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Updates Feb. 3rd, 2024


@Hong_Jooni_Pooni @hi4250five
New game cover with proper width!
Taile Gamougg 1 remake (TG1R) new cover 2024
I used a photo editor to skew the original cover so I could fit the text on. As for the blood, currently there is orange, yellow, and red blood. The colors don’t have any gameplay differences, they’re just to distinguish the species/enemy types. Only 1 enemy and 1 boss bleed right now though.

In other news,

  • I added a button that takes you to the official Gamougg merch store (mostly just a bunch of clothes for now, no action figures yet)
  • Fixed the problems with the “Game Controls” bundle
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to the pause and fullscreen buttons as a QoL feature, so even if the player isn’t spawned because you’re in a menu, you have the choice of both clicking the buttons and/or pressing P and F respectfully.
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If you want to be notified of updates, you can vote on this poll to “sign up”:

Updates Feb. 5th, 2024

Hello! Hope this not-email finds you well. Today I made some changes that should make the game look better and feel smoother:

Update summary
  • Optimized level 2 by greatly reducing the fog effects (instead of 1 giant piece above dozens of smaller ones, it is now just 2 big pieces)

  • Added fading transitions to all the levels except the main menu (labels fade in too)

  • Added a glow effect that goes behind the hearts bar when you overheal

  • Adjusted some parts of level 1 & 2 to make them less confusing

  • One of the characters now addresses her workplace superior correctly

  • Increased the jump animation frame delay from 5 to 20 (just like the TG Emerald Warrior remake), which makes the animation last the whole duration of the jump until you hit the ground.

Bug fixes

Bug fix summary
  • Passing a level now resets your hearts bar (healthbar) just like the manual level restart does.

  • Troubleshot the enemy killing achievements not being rewarded.

  • Fixed the character portrait display order error on the dialogue boxes.

  • Main menu merch store button and level 1 dialogue instructions texts are no longer bugged.


Image summary

image image
Game paused

Fun Facts

Related fun facts
  • One of my other games’ story takes place four months after this game’s story.

  • 80% of the start (about the first 32 blocks) of level 3 is a direct 1:1 scale recreation of Gamougg Classic’s level 1.

  • I added several new items to the official Gamougg merch store.

Unrelated fun facts
  • I played Sonic Dash today.
  • I had the its music turned off in its settings, then I played various Sonic songs I liked from SoundCloud.
  • I had a lot of fun, and I also unlocked Surge today. The Dragonfire Sonic event for this Chinese Year of the Dragon is pretty cool. The event also includes Dragonfire Tails and Lunar Blaze.

Pings: @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @hi4250five

Pug left, remember?


Oh yeah, my bad. I have now removed the ping.

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@ManiacPumpkin @BradenS @JUSTPLAINOP @Jefferson-Bobby @Flying_Fajita @TeardropStudio @Hong_Jooni_Pooni @hi4250five

Bye guys. For real this time. No cap. I would leave a bit more quietly than this but I thought I should post to let everyone who might have been waiting for updates know. I had a great time chatting here and making games with y’all. For those who want to celebrate, I suggest waiting a few weeks to ensure I don’t see it.

What will happen on updates on all my currently games
list of my current games

etc. will continue, some more slowly than others, but elsewhere. Gamougg updates will be posted on my Discord server for it, but if you don’t have Discord, they would also be posted on my YouTube channel, GameJolt, and Itch.io.
Same thing for the other games but public devlogs for the fangames are less likely to ever happen because when I tried posting the original Halo: Flowlab Evolved to the Halo Waypoint forums when they were still a thing, the post was very quickly removed for allegedly being an advertisement (very sad because it was the most detailed game post I had ever made). I think that’s where my disillusionment began.

This may be the end of my journey on Flowlab, but it is not the end of my career (if you can call it that). I thank grazer, CodeAlpaca, MoneyPenny/JaneWind, Deadly Smile, ManiacPumpkin, Hong Jooni Pooni, DinoDev, hihilogic, TGW, DWGAMEMASTER, PrismaticTurtle, and too many other people to list, but you know them all the same. Farewell.


Goodbye, I’ll miss you John.


The fact that this goodbye wasn’t made as a new topic and instead was posted as a reply in this topic for some reason hurts me.

Goodbye John, I will miss you very much.


Goodbye, I’ll miss you.

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Goodbye John. Are you going to be moving on to any other game engines?

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Yeah, maybe Scratch Jr. so I can remake my Deadpool movie scene that I made in there, but with new knowledge of all the movies after I watch them (the original was made using only the first movie’s trailer as a basis since my parents never let me watch the movie back then for obvious reasons).

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TG1 Updates 02/27/24

New images for Taile Gamougg:


@Hong_Jooni_Pooni @hi4250five


Might stream again tonight after the fifth of the five daily prayers I do ends, which is sometime past 8 PM EST. If you’re on Discord at the time, feel free to watch the stream.


New helmet

(I’m having game art issues so no picture for now, i’m also locking in on a variety of other things with varying degrees of importance)

Going offline for a bit